Step 1: Ordering a home kit

To ensure that our courier can locate your home, be sure to double-check your information as you’re placing the order to ensure that everything is accurate. To get your kit the following day, make sure you place the order before Saturday 1PM or
Sunday 1PM.

Important: if Monday is a Bank Holiday, and you order the kit between the 1pm the Friday before and the Bank Holiday  Monday, we will send the package on Tuesday. This means you will receive it on Wednesday. Another instance would be if the Bank Holiday is on Friday. This means if you order the kit on Thursday before 1 PM, it will be sent to you on following Monday. This means you will get it on Tuesday.

Step 2: Kit registration

When the kit is delivered to you, you must register it – a very important step. Not registering the kit will make it impossible for us to send you the results.

Make sure you enter the correct tube number, which you can find here:

Step 3: Sample collection

If you need further instructions on how to collect, register and send your sample, we have an Instruction Sheet ready for download. We have also included an Instruction Sheet together with the Home Kit for ease of reference.
We have compiled a handy FAQ section as well to answer common questions you may have.

Please follow the instructions below to collect your sample and send it to us:

1. Blow your nose into a tissue and carefully dispose of it in a bin
(make sure to close the bin afterwards). Before blowing your
nose, make sure your hands have been thoroughly washed.
2. Carefully open the Home Kit, take out the swap and remove its
cover. Avoid touching the soft tip at all costs.
3. The swab should be rubbed on the back of your throat and tonsils,
ensuring that you turn it a number of five times on each side.
4. Insert the swap gently inside your nostril, making sure the tiny
mark is inside your nose. The swab should be turned for five
seconds inside and around your nose. After you’re done with one
nostril, repeat the process on the other one.
5. Grab the tube with the transport medium inside, open it and
place the swap inside of it. Stir the swab in the liquid for 10
seconds, break it and leave it in the tube. Close the tube.
6. Dispose of the other part of the swab by throwing it in a bin.
Afterwards, wash your hands again thoroughly.
7. Read included packing instructions, making sure to follow them
to the letter in order to register your test kit online.
8. Send us the sample; make sure the return instructions are
followed. Then, we’ll process the test and send you the results.

Step 4: Sending the kit

If you’ve opted to send the sample yourself through
another courier, make sure our address is visible.
Keep in mind that our labs are closed during bank
holidays and weekends, meaning they will not be
able to receive your sample.

Those who are in London and wish to get their
results faster can personally drop off their samples at the Marylebone clinic.

Royal Mail

In your envelope, you will find a return label for Royal Mail Tracked 24. When you’re done collecting and packing the sample, place the sample in the envelope, seal the envelope and take it to a nearby Royal Mail priority postboxThis will ensure it gets sent to our labs as soon as possible.

When our lab gets your test, we’ll process it and you’ll get your results the following day.

Keep in mind that Royal Mail might run into delays due to the ongoing pandemic. But even if you don’t get your results by post the next day, you will still receive an email from us with your results.

Step 5: Receiving the results

Take a look at the timetable below and plan accordingly, especially if you plan to travel, so your results are delivered in good time.

Important: If you sent us the sample on a Saturday or Sunday and Monday is a Bank Holiday, your
results may arrive on Wednesday or Thursday.

The above table presumes that you’ll send the package through the Royal Mail priority postbox prior to it reaching its final collection point. Please click here to see collection times for the priority postbox in your local area. Although you are ensured that your sample will be delivered to the lab the following day by Royal Mail Tracked 24, delays can happen.

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